List of Don’ts when Arranging the Living Room

Top Living Room Arrangement Don’ts

home 7According to experts, the living room is considered as the most used space. In short, it means that you need to have a good layout in order to encourage good traffic. The placement and the spacing of furniture do matter a lot. In fact, they are the key factors why a certain living room is comfortable and functional.

To help you arrange your living room in a good way, here are some of the don’ts that you should not commit:

Do not clog the entry ways

Some homeowners think that it is cool or awesome to clog the entry ways with some many furniture items and accessories. The fact remains that too much of everything could become chaotic thus not pleasing to the eyes. The entryway of the living room should be the bastion of clearance. You can decorate it but make that it is minimal.

Do not ignore the 3-ft rule

If you are to ask professional and well experienced interior designers, they will always recommend you to make a 3-feet walking space. This space is enough to make you walk around the living room without harming or knocking some small accessories and fragile furniture. But make sure that you need to fix certain things before considering this like foundation repair.

Do not push all furniture against the wall

The basic rule of living room arrangement is letting the furniture float. Make sure that you always leave space between the sofa and the wall. Why? According to interior designers it creates a space that is more cozy and inviting.

Do not forget the rugs

Some homeowners are not really particular with this one but it creates imbalance when the legs of the furniture are half on the rug and half off it. There are some cases wherein the furniture wobbles due to the improper positioning of the rug. When installing the rugs, position them correctly to avoid tripping.

Do not ignore the value of lighting

If you have lamps in the living room, make sure that they are not too bright or not too big because there is a possibility that they will be knocked over. Moreover, the extension cords and any electrical circuits should be away from traffic area to avoid tripping.

If you feel the sudden itch to rearrange everything in your living room, the tips above will be your guide. Yes, arrangement is fun but it should also follow some basic rules in interior design in order to make the living room functional at the same time comfortable.

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Tips on Making Your Kitchen Renovation Project an Easier Process for You

Be a Kitchen Renovation Survivor!

Home renovation can be very stressful. That is why if you plan to do your kitchen renovation project, a big or a small one, there is nothing that you can do but make the process easier and smooth sailing. Since kitchen remodelling can cause you household disruptions, here are few great tips that can help you get through with it without a problem.

Home ImprovementHave temporary kitchen set up

Since you won’t be able to use your kitchen while it is under renovation, you have to make sure that you still have a place where you can prepare your everyday food. Have a look around your house for a spot perfect for cooking. It is best to use outdoor spaces instead of enclosed areas. You can also treat your every meal like a barbecue party. Nonetheless, your goal is to make cooking easier for you even if you are not doing it in a well set up kitchen.

Appliances have other uses too

You have to be extra creative and resourceful for you to find out what else you can do with your available kitchen appliances. One good example is your rice cooker which can also be used to cook simple meals. Kettles can also be used in boiling eggs and vegetables. If you have a fireplace, then this could be your temporary oven.

Your kitchen items must be well-organised

It is important that you do this before the renovation starts. Of course, for it to be well-organised does not mean that you will just have to pile all your kitchen items into one box. Take time when you are doing the packing. Separate those you don’t usually need from those that you do. This will also make it easier for you when it is time to unpack.

Use disposable utensils and go for quick meals for the meantime

To make things easier for you, you have to be realistic. Since you are only preparing food in a temporary kitchen, one that you probably just step up by yourself, you have to make a few adjustments. Disposable utensils and pre-made meals will not require you much work especially if you don’t have a sink in your temporary kitchen.

New appliances must be planned prior the renovation works

Don’t wait for your new kitchen to be finished before you do this. If you already have a kitchen design, then you can save more time if you buy the appliances you need early. Of course, you will have to keep these items out of the way of the contractors for them to be able to move around easily.

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