5 Simple Yet Effective Tricks to Maximise Your Home Space

More Space within Your Home!

One of the main problems at home is not having enough space. No matter how big your house is, you just can’t simple find enough space to live comfortably and at the same time make it less crowded. If house extension is too much work and cost for you, you have to know that there are actually a lot of simple yet effective tricks that you can do to maximise your home space.

  1. Always have a clean home – For sure you will never see how big your house is if it is always in a mess. If you always have a clean home, you will see how much space you actually have. These spaces are just unnoticed because there is always something on the floor. This will not only eat a lot of space but can also disrupt your everyday living. If you do not have enough time to have regular house cleaning, your best option would be to hire professional house cleaners.
  1.  Ensure everything’s own place – This is also a part of maintaining your home’s cleanliness. The trick here is to make sure that everything is organised and have its own place. One good solution to this is to make use of efficient storage solutions. Have drawers, cabinets, and shelves installed on unnecessary corners of your home such as the space under the stairs.
  2. Choose the right house paint colors – Your house paint selection can also greatly influence your home space. To make your home interior look wider, master house painters strongly advice to use brighter colors for your house paint. You can even make it look livelier and fun by having horizontal patterns to some walls inside your home. Don’t use dark colors as it will make your home interior look dull and crowded.
  3.  Use optical tricks – Even if you have a small house, you can make it seem bigger by tricking the eyes. One of the best items that can help a lot is mirrors. Making use of mirrors is a good item when it comes to optical illusion. For small rooms such as your bedroom, you can install a mirror to your dresser and see for yourself how it can trick you to making your bedroom look wider.
  4. Use multi-purpose furniture – Since furniture designers are now also being innovative, they have also created a lot of furniture that are designed to help homeowners save a lot of space. From beds that can be folded and raise up to the wall up to dining tables that are initially good for four but once extended can also be used for six seating, there are a lot that you can choose from.

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How to Improve Your Home by Warming Up Your Cold Bathroom?

Tips in Warming Up Your Bathroom

Apart from home foundation ad kitchen renovation, another important part of home that should be improved is the bathroom. Few things match the luxury of a hot bath or steamy shower on a cold day. However, undressing in a freezing bathroom for that luxury or stepping out afterward onto a cold tile floor isn’t very appealing. Bathrooms can be one of the coldest rooms in the winter because of all of the porcelain, ceramic and metal. Sure, adding a fuzzy bathroom rug helps, but these won’t take away the chill in the air and they get messy fast. If your cold bathroom leaves you shivering, consider these helpful ways to warm things up.

Install Radiant Flooring

Imagine stepping out of the shower onto warm tile. That is what will happen if you install radiant flooring in your bathroom. Radiant flooring consists of tubing or wires that heat the flooring from underneath. Flooring materials can be made of almost anything, but ceramic tile is often recommended because it conducts heat well. One of the best things is that radiant flooring won’t just keep your feet from freezing. Since heat rises, it will help keep your whole bathroom warmer. Other benefits to this type of heating include that it is silent and it doesn’t blow dust into the air as forced air heating can.

Use Towel Warmers

No matter how warm you make your bathroom, there is always that initial chilly feeling when you step out of the bath or shower and the air hits your skin. Wrapping yourself in a towel helps a little, but chances are, you still won’t feel comfortable until your body warms up. You will feel a big difference, however, if you use a towel warmer. These are heated racks that heat towels up in just a matter of minutes. You can also use them to warm up a bathrobe or some articles of clothing, such as your pajamas. Towel warmers can be easily added to nearly any bathroom, and you can choose from wall mounted or freestanding designs.

Renovate with A Gas Fireplace

Long before the days of indoor plumbing, families would sometimes bring an old metal tub in front of a roaring fireplace. Then they could fill the tub with heated water and bathe without freezing. Some models require venting while others do not. And you can choose from many different designs to match your decor and the size or shape of the room. You can also choose from realistic log sets or ultra modern looks such as stones or glass sets for the fireplace insert. This is by far not the cheapest way to warm up your bathroom, but it will add amazing warmth and luxury, and it can add value for many years to come.

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